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How to play with my friends in Geneshift game?

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I want to play with my friends, do anyone know how to do that?
asked Jan 16, 2019 in PS4 by Fave

3 Answers

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Yes, you can play with your friends in the Battle Royale mode,  it is a Duo mode for 2v2v2v2v2 play (which also supports bots). It will automatically pair human players together, although you can pick your own team mate by holding ALT and using the options in the top-right of the screen. If your team mate is a bot, you can also ping the map to command them to go there which is pretty sweet.

I have play this game for nearly half a year with my friend. it is a really good game. hope you enjoy the game with your friends.
answered Jan 16, 2019 by Doom
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the game support the co-op online of offline.
answered Jan 16, 2019 by Live
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the game has add the Co-op mode in the Oct update, you can learn more about this update from the steam


answered Jan 16, 2019 by Nelo Robins