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Will the upcoming game Days Gone be multiplayer?

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It is said that the game will released on April 26, 2019. I just wonder that will the game has the multiplayer mode or not? anyone have learn the latest news?

asked Jan 25, 2019 in PS4 by Diggle

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No Multiplayer. it is a single game.

Since Rooster Teeth is broadcasting live, just click the link, rewind the video about 30-45 minutes, they are really breaking it down.

* Studio is about 100 people, was around 40 - 50 for Uncharted Vita. 

* Game is PS4 Exclusive, no PC mode "We are Sony Bend, we are PS4 Exclusive" lol. At Sony Bend, they make it very clear during interview, everyone wears a lot of hats. Many people are involved in different aspects.

* One thing I picked up is you ride a special bike, called a Drifter, that can drive off road, they said lots of off roading since the roads are all broken up, "Broken Roads." The bike is needed to survive, it is like its own character. It has saddle bags that holds your inventory. The bike is grounded, you will need to "know where it is and manage it" Several devs are bikers, lots of research into the bike. Actually got it up on rollers to make sure they got the sound of the bike right. 

* Also, weather has a big effect on traveling and how the bike handles.

* No Multiplayer at all, focusing on their strengths, single player story.

* Demo was a bounty hunting mission, hunting down a biker "2 Dog" and tried to show the danger of leaving the safety of encampments. 

* Wanted the game to be a big sandbox of what you would do when "shit goes down."

* Weapons crafting system, they call a "MacGuyver Mentality" where the you figure out clever ways to build tools to get out of situations.

* Their demo they are showing off on show floor has "millions" of ways to play that demo, depending on what tools you bring with you. The environment also plays a huge role in how you deal with certain situations.

* Takes place just a few years after the "apocolypse" event. Society is starting to try to rebuild, as supplies are starting to run out. Made it sound like part of the game is figuring out what to do with the resources you find. 

* Wildlife is in the game, they have a "huge" wildlife system they aren't going to talk much about right now. But the event didn't wipe out all wildlife.

* Not willing to talk yet about different story paths, different endings, etc. They chuckled but they dont want to talk about it yet. 

* Zombie hoard was all real, no LOD tricks, there are that many people on the screen.

* No release date or time window. They aren't wanting to do that right now. 

* It was huge for their studio to be right up there on stage, getting prime focus, along with all of Sony's other big studios. It showed them how much Sony believes in their product. It meant a lot to them. 

* Game has been in development for 3+ years, but still its in early development as they just only finished core mechanics/ideas of the game and not ready yet

Source from https://www.neogaf.com/threads/days-gone-details-no-multiplayer-dynamic-day-night-cycle-plus-more.1233575/

answered Jan 25, 2019 by Ding
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