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Any Easy Solutions for Orchard Acres in Parkitect?

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Does anyone know the easy solution for Orchard Acres, I just have some some troubles with this specific map.
asked Jan 20, 2019 in PC by Oden

1 Answer

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Use the part of the park with the storage so you can easily transport goods to your shops. Then, go to the other entrance and place a wall in front of the entrance. This will keep guests out of the part where you won't build anything, and then you can easily unlock the farmland you're not allowed to build on. Build a path from the newly opened entrance to the already exisiting part of the park, maybe with a transport line, and win!

Hope this guide will help you. If it still does not work for you. you can leave your problems below.
answered Jan 20, 2019 by GamePretty
selected Jan 20, 2019 by admin
tks, very much